Should you experience any issue with loading on RiddleStones Facebook. Please perform the following steps:

Remove & Reinstall the Application Permission - due to Facebook sudden technological changes, this is important.


  • Access your Facebook App settings

  • Select "Apps & Websites" on the left hand-side menu

  • View your "Expired" permissions

  • Remove the Expired Permission by clicking on the RiddleStone app, then select "Remove App"

  • Reinstall the Application by accessing the game link
  • Make sure to accept permissions

That's it! You should be back in the game in no time, however just in case this didn't work:

  1. Firstly, make sure to have an updated Flash Plugin.
  2. If the issue remains, try a different internet Browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  3. Attempt playing from Facebook Gamesroom 

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