Learn the rules of RiddleStones puzzle and how to logically find the solution of a grid you are facing for the free-to-play brainy game on Facebook, the AppStore and Google Play.


In Riddle Stones, the goal is to solve some puzzle grids by clicking on the correct squares but not on the incorrect ones.

How to know which squares are corrects?

The numbers above and on the left of the grid will give you some clues. Each number indicates a group of consecutive correct squares (without space/incorrect square between them). 

For example: If on the first line, you have a 5, it means that there is 5 consecutive correct squares on this line.

In the same way, a number above a column indicate the number of consecutive correct squares in this column.

By coupling the information for the line and column, you will be able to deduct where are the correct squares.

What to do when there is more than one number?

More than one number by line/column indicate that there are multiple groups of consecutive correct squares, separated by at least one incorrect square.

For example: If you have 2 and 2 on a column, it means that you have 2 consecutive correct squares on this column, followed by at least one incorrect square, followed by 2 other correct squares.

What happens if you click on an incorrect square?

In Riddle stones, you have some life points to solve several grids in a row.

For every mistake (when you click on an incorrect square), you will lose some life points. If your life points reach 0, you will fail the level.

However, behind some correct squares, you will also discover some food items. You can click on them to recover some life points and stay alive.

As long as your life points do not reach 0, you can keep playing and try to solve the grids.

Win condition

To pass a level, you need to solve all the grids of this level (clicking on all the correct squares) without losing all your life points.

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